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18 degrees Remote Heating thermostatic Controller 3 zone

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For Installers:

Maybe you’ve been using the same heating controllers for years.  You know there are problems, you know you’ll get the same type of calls from homeowners, but there’s not much choice.

“It's broken.”

“I did nothing, it just stopped working.”

“The house is freezing.”

“You have to come back and fix it.”

“The screen is blank.”

“There’s no hot water.  We’ve been taking cold showers all weekend.  And it’s a bank holiday!”

But hey, you know this controller, you don’t have to think about doing the job, you’ve done loads with it before.

And so, same action, same result.  Or, you could do something about it.

There’s a new controller on the market.  We’ve spent two years developing it.  It’s the easiest controller on the market, you’ll have it installed in half an hour.

It’s the easiest controller for the homeowner to understand and use too.  Totally intuitive, controlled from the hub or from a phone.

No sneaky charges - the homeowner pays for the controller, and that’s that.

New thermostat technology, giving better, more accurate readings - and the stats themselves can be attached to a wall or just popped on a shelf or table.  Again: easy.

Pre-connected for one room and one cylinder thermostat, just click away to connect to WIFI.

It’s well priced, and we have all the other equipment to go with it in a package, so if you need an extra valve, just put it in the order.

So do yourself a favour: give 18 Degrees a chance.  We are 100% 

confident that you’ll never go back to another controller.  Because this product speaks for itself.  It’s the easiest, most modern, best value piece of kit on the market.  Try it.


We know what you want.  A home heating controller that’s

1. Easy to use

2. Saves you money and is good for the environment

3. Gives you a toasty comfortable home with lashings of hot water (when you need it)

Let’s see how 18degrees can help.  

1.We’ve a full colour screen on the hub.  It’s really clear and shows what is happening, at what temperature, in each of 3 zones.  You can make any changes directly on the hub, or on your phone by using our App (more on the app later…).  With a tap of your finger, you’ll be able to control exactly how and when you want your home to be heated.

Oh and one thing: there’s a child lock too, so you won’t find your settings have been changed to North Pole by your budding playschool climatologist.  Just in case you have one…

2.So many homes are heated when the house, or zones in the house, are empty.  Old controllers switch on the heating at the same time to the same temperature, summer or winter.  Our obsession with the immersion didn’t happen by accident…

Heating an empty space is wasted money, and it’s bad for the environment.  Get a new controller and only use the energy you need.  You’ll find your bills going down and your comfort going up.  (And the planet will be saying thanks.)

3.  18degrees gives you control.  You never have to come home to a cold house.  You never have to heat an empty one.  When you see how easy it is, you’ll always have a home that’s at the perfect temperature for you, with a tank full of hot water when you want it.

And about that App: it’s free, from wherever you get your apps.  Like our wireless system, it’s clear, easy to use, no hidden fees, no repeat charges. 

Comfort, convenience, value.  What’s not to like?

 If you’re still not sure, just check through the list of benefits below:

Come back to a nice warm home without ever having to heat empty rooms

Wi-Fi communication, with no yearly fees

Set up to 5 daily schedules

Colour screen, clear and easy to use

System can still work locally without Wi-Fi connection if desired

Able to boost heating or hot water for up to 3 hours, 

Can change the temperature from the thermostat without using the App.

Temperature display is on each thermostat and on the hub screen, so it’s easy to find out the temperature in the house without even looking at your phone.

You can put a thermostat anywhere - fixed to a wall, or just standing on a shelf

With the child lock, your system is secure from little fingers

New thermostat temperature technology, provides better and more accurate temperature readings

Free App, simple to use 


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