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TEC7 X-Tack7 Instant Grab Adhesive

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Tec7 X-Tack Uses:

Wall and facade covering: Plaster, natural stone, brick, concrete, aluminium, glass, etc.
Ceiling panels: All thermal panels, synthetic panels, wood, PVC, PUR, etc
Window Frames: Coated aluminium, solid wood, synthetic
Door frames and window sills: Natural or coated, natural stone, brick, concrete, aluminium, brass, etc Safe and does not leak.
Floor, wall tiles and plinths: Marble, granite, Belgian blue stone, porous materials and earthenware,
Roofing elements: All roofing elements made from wood, steel or in combination with roof covering and lead sheets (excludes bitumen).
Construction elements: All construction elements made from stainless steel, aluminium, metal, copper, etc.


Tec7 X-Tack  does not sag even with adhesive of 40mm in height.
Tec7 X-Tack  has an extremely high initial adhesive strength, which often makes third hand fixing unnecessary.
Tec7 X-Tack  replaces soldering, bolts, nuts, nails, etc, saving you time and money!

Instructions For Use

Do not cut off the spout, it has a V-groove that helps apply the adhesive at the proper height.
Place the nozzle vertically (at 90⁰) in the area that needs to be filled with adhesive and dispense.
Always use on a clean and dust-free surface – which can be wet.
Clean and degrease the surface with Foam 7.
If needed, finish the adhesive with Tec 7-Cleaner.
For difficult surfaces (powered coatings and other materials made of PP, PE, silicone bitumen, etc) test the adhesion first.
For ease of use we recommend using our Tec 7 Gun


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TEC7 X-Tack7 Instant Grab Adhesive